Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Under a month to go!

Okay, this week is 5, 5, 5, rest, 8, 13 Tuesday through Sunday (Monday and Friday I lift (maybe on Wednesday, too)). Weather is good, mind is in the right place and after the first mile, my ankle does not hurt anymore!

Tuesday - 5.55 miles - 9:04 pace
Wednesday -2.5 miles on the tread mill. I was kind of out of sorts. 9:30 pace
Thursday -Made up for lost miles. Got 8.4 miles in at 9:27 pace felt great. Chilly evening; great running weather.
Saturday - Cross training workout. Burned over 1,300 calories
Sunday - 12.3 miles at 10:09 pace. Lots of climbing in comparison city routes

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