Tuesday, March 30, 2010

32 days to go!

This week it is 5 Tuesday, 8 Wednesday, 5 Thursday, rest Friday, 5 Saturday and 20 on Sunday. 32 days to go! I am feeling confident!

Tuesday - 5.76 miles - 9:07 pace - First thing in the morning
Wednesday - 9.14 miles (I know, I planned on 8, but I felt pretty good this morning) - 9:24 pace
Thursday - Another 5.76 miles - 8:54 pace - Beautiful morning, great run! First day without a long sleeve shirt!
Saturday - Rain, Hail, otherwise a nice run. Slow pace (not much sleep last night) - 5.1 miles - 10:00 pace - Tomorrow is the big one!
Sunday - Wow it was windy today! Got those parts out of the way early, but spent myself into the wind. Oh well. 3:30! This my marathon pace for 26.2 miles, so I need to pick it up some still over the rest of the month (about 25% faster!).

One more 20 miler before the race (2 weeks from this Sunday). Only concerns are hips and lower back.


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