Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Weeks!!!

I am beginning to feel a lot like Forrest Gump these days ("I just kept on a runnin'"). Oh well, the last real big training week then taking it easier over the last two weeks.

Tuesday - 11.07 miles at 9:55 (I ran in the evening and and it was very warm out (upper 80's)
Wednesday - The Spring Bloom killed me and I went to bed early and slept for about 10 hours.
Thursday - Woke up feeling feeling a bazillion % better and it showed... 5.55 miles at 8:49 per.
Monday and Friday are lifting and Sunday is the monster---

20 miles + on Sunday. I will try, repeat, try to beat 10 minutes. Hopefully it will be a little cool out and I will go in the morning to avoid the wind. Well, I started out at about a quarter to 8 this morning; pancakes at 6:45, had my electrolytes/carbs/protein in the camelback and the energy gels and the Ipod and I came in AT 9:17 PER MILE! 22.25 miles and it felt GREAT! Only 2 energy gels (at 13 and 18) and only about 13 ounces of electrolyte/carb/protein drink. If I feel like this in two weeks, I really believe that my time can start with a 3!

By the way, Curious George was one if my favorites, too. On to May 1st! If you can make it, would love to see you there! Excelsior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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