Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some things I've learned early on

Whenever I set out to do something, I lay out some goals. Get good grades in school, get projects done well and ahead of schedule, be good in whatever I do. Well, for my run, I would really love to finish the marathon in under 3:30. Not much under 3:30; 8 seconds under would be plenty. 3:30 is the time I would need to hit in order to qualify for the Boston Marathon; not that I would run it, but it would be nice to know that I could if I wanted to. So I then figure out that I need to average, I repeat, average right at about 8 minutes per mile. Now that might not seem too fast, it's twice as slow a decent miler (not a record holder); but it came as somewhat of a rude awakening for me. You see, I average about 9 minutes per mile when I run distance and to sustain a pace 11% faster than that is going to be a challenge. I can run one in less than 8, but 26.2..., let's just remind ourselves that I have 8 months to get there. I am going to push pace up a little bit so I can make progress toward it.

I said yesterday that I allow myself some treats every now and again and my Dad bought lunch today and I must say that I have been to the mountain top... of pizza! The Papa Del's deep dish pan pizza with extra cheese, sausage and mushroom is in my opinion the best, absolutely the best pizza known to man. Now I have been to New York, lived in Chicago and lived on the west coast and I can tell you that you can have your thin crust, your Uno's, Due's, Gino's, CPK and even Lou Malnati's. I will go to Pop's for pizza or no place at all. Garlic and olive oil crust, big huge chunks of sausage, a liberal application of great sauce and some fine mid-western mozzerella, uhhhhhhh, Papa Del'sssssssss. I used to eat it all the time went I went to school here, but it's been 15-20 years since I had it and it's better than I remember. All that was missing was beer (I can find Moylan's double IPA on tap here, yes here in the midwest), but we already talked about that yesterday.
Anyway, 4 miles in 36 minutes last night at ARC. I saw some of the One's speech and have some thoughts on healthcare, but that is for another day.

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