Monday, September 14, 2009

Coming back down to earth.

Well, here I was, all excited about my pace on Saturday and then I had the route measured more accurately. I did figure I had to have something wrong in my timing of my miles, so we got dad's car out and drove the lap to see what the old Cadillac odometer had to say. What I thought was 5 miles was more accurately 4.5 miles, bringing my per mile pace to 8:50, not 8 minutes. Now while a little depressing, this is more realistic and since I have committed myself to living in the reality based world, I truly have some work ahead of me. I ran the 8.21 miles last night in 1:19:02 (roughly 9:37 per mile) and that's okay , because my long runs I want to run at a slower pace. Progress is slow. The shorts did not speed me up and so, as I said Saturday, I need to be patient; keep working at it. As you can see from the picture, I need to work on time and burning off the residue from 30 years of beer drinking. However, the abs are starting to show up. Also note the big bump on the right shoulder. Dislocated it when I got drunk and tripped over the pool toy box back in May of 2007. Oh Well, I'll add healthcare two cents this week.

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