Saturday, November 7, 2009

A little out of rhythm

Well, just a quick note. I have been working out of town most of this week and only got in five miles last Monday. I get back in town at 9:00pm each night and so that leaves me little opportunity to run or lift; especially given that most days are as draining as my interaction with "Art" (see below) leavingf me with little energy as well as a shortage of time. I will pick things back up this week (maybe train in the morning) and get back on the road. I hope I have not lost much in the past two weeks between my cold, work, setting up the new office, still working on building communication lines with people I have not seen in a long while, hiring and firing and trying to acclimate myself to my new community.

Speaking of trying to fit in my community, I finally got up the nerve to ask somebody out for lunch in a non-business environment this week. I got turned down, but we both feel okay about my asking for a date. I am sure that there will be several more turn downs from several other women before I see any success in that area of my life, but I have no burning desire to date in a hurry. I felt nervous and all and a little out of rhythm; kind of like a teenager again. Like the running, I have been out of practice for a while and it will take a little time to get back into a successful rhythm. I think this is the area in my life that I am most insecure about, but I have a new sense of confidence in who I am and I am using that positivity to attract good people around me.

Anyway, more practice is ahead and the training (both running and communicating) will have its own successes and failures. I look forward to both sides of the coin. 35 miles this week!

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