Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hard Work and Commitment

Coming back into the world after being lost in my own little personal "hell" has been exciting, frustrating, challenging and has given me the opportunity to start over; atone for some mistakes and finally take the steps I need to take in order to be the person I want to be. One of the reasons I am in training is to maximize my physical well being so I can enjoy being Adam version 2.6 for as long as possible. The problem that I see arising every now and again is that mentally, I need to keep focus on the few things that I can control or have a positive impact on or I will just end up dwelling on things that are not healthy for me (taking my eye off the ball at work, slacking off with training or still dwelling on relationships that are dead but have not had proper burials as of yet). When I lose focus, I start to go back to my old ways of wanting things now and assuming that nobody understands where I've been; so I cut them off. Now, there is one little change in how Adam version 2.6 deals with that lack of focus.

The big change for me, now, is that I recognize when I lose focus and when I feel sorry for myself, those moments pass quickly in part because I have finally begun to see small steps of progress at work and in training. My perspective has changed and I have gotten to a point where I don't feel I need to go to another funeral where I will be the only person there since I was the only one who really cared, anyway. Overall, I am working on my sense of humor (see most daily F.B. postings), staying positive and doing some teaching at work. As such, I am strengthening the relationships that really matter to me and building a personal and professional network that is truly supportive of me. At work, they want me to be the comeback player not of the month or the year, but the comeback player of the DECADE! That kind of support means the world to me. Improving my time on the road is also driving me forward (averaging 8:45 over 30 miles this past week). May 1 is not that far away and I am hopeful that the weather holds out (got some wet flakes while out on the road on Thanksgiving) so that I am not spending too much time running inside.

Anyway, I also want to thank you all for reading my missives. You folks are truly what I am thankful for and help me to focus on what is important so I can get down to the hard work I need to put in to meet the commitments I have made to my friends, my family and most of all, to myself.

I promise future ones will not be so heavy. Light schedule this week (30 miles, calisthenics and yoga due to being out of town and all). Anyway, thanks again!

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