Friday, October 9, 2009

Hopeful Signs

I did 3 miles on Tuesday between the track and elliptical (averaged about 9:15)

Wednesday was 5 miles on the elliptical at an average of 10:00/mile

Last night, 3 miles in 25:44 (8:35/mile) all on the track and today I can walk! A few aches, but no material pain. A lot had to do with my posture, kept my head up and used my upper body to move around the track. If I can use that similar type of attitude (keeping my head up), I'll be optimistic about other aspects in life (running as metaphor).

5 miles tomorrow, 6 on Sunday. I'll let you know what happens. Now, if only things elsewhere in my life had the same type of positive response. This time, I'll be sure to take it slow so as not to re-injure my foot; or my heart.

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