Monday, October 19, 2009

Aches, pain and muddling through

29 miles this past week and being back for the first time since my ankle/foot/achille's problem, I have set a new base line; at least when it comes to running. On a completely flat track, I can average pretty close to the pace I need to follow to reach my goals. Once I get outside, terrain and no one else to pace me leads me to slow up a little so I need to improve my internal timing. Today, after the 11 miles on Sunday and almost 7 on Saturday, I've got a few aches in the legs (hammies and calves, mostly); maybe I'll get a massage this week. The aches and pains are just part of the training process; no pain, no gain, right? 30 miles this week starting tomorrow, so I'll recover today and do some lifting and ab work tonight. It's interesting, to me at least, that the more I keep the upper body involved in the mechanics of running, the easier it is for me to move on down the road. So, I need to keep building the upper body in order to get in best shape I can for running. I guess that in order to make progress, it takes a complete effort, not just a half---ed approach.

Which brings me to other aches and pains. I have been trying to build and/or re-build relationships with people who I believe are good for me in the long run (no pun intended), but I have been making no progress. I have put so many lobs into their courts with no returns that I would be surprised if they can even see the court surface (playing court metaphor, not legal court example). It feels as if I am running at too slow a pace, as is often the case when I go out by myself on a road run with no one to pace me. One of the reasons I run better inside on the track is that I have other runners to pace myself against and there is a clock on the wall that helps me keep focus to reach my goals. I feel I need to go back to my coaches, the ones who are looking out for me, to let me know if there is a problem with my relationship training regimen; or if my goals are truly in my best interest. By going back to their guidance, I can help build my core so that I have the strength to put forth full effort into putting a life together and not just searching for old pieces to fit a new puzzle. If those old pieces fit, great! If they are not meant to be a part of the new me, then I need to drop the futile effort of forcing pieces where they do not belong. This forcing of pieces is painful and difficult, especially when it comes to my heart and mind (I ache and lose focus). I hope to find out very soon if these pieces will ever fit into the puzzle. Maybe then, regardless of the answer, I will be able to stretch out my stride and not hold myself back (pun intended).

That's the problem with running by yourself; too much time to think and getting distracted from the real goals. I'll have to join a club or find a running partner. Who knows, there might be the right pieces there! I'm all verklempt now, talk amongst yourselves; I'll give you a topic... In the Flintstones,was it Gina Lollabrigirock or Gina Rockabrigida?

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