Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making hay while, well you know...

Contrary to the blathering on of all of the rocket scientists in the main stream media, I do believe that there is a real problem with global climate change (mis-named "global warming"). Between the constant warming of the oceans and the 2010 El Nino that is going on, we are seeing tons of snow where it usually does not fall (hello Virginia) and little snow where it is expected and needed (hello Vancouver). We have been blanketed here in my Midwest Exile, as well, and that has made training a little challenging. Too much ice and snow on the roads make for dangerous training outside and you all already know my feelings about running laps in-doors. So, over the past 2 weeks, I have been limited in my training. I only got speed work in last week and lifted weights last weekend. I expected to lose some effectiveness in my training and set an even steeper hill to climb in order to be ready for my little endeavor in 12 (YES 12!!!) weeks. However, I have learned that if I set expectations low enough, I will be pleasantly surprised. It's amazing how that happens. So...

Speed work consisted of run a mile, walk a quarter, sprint a quarter, walk a quarter, sprint a half, walk a quarter, sprint three quarters, walk a quarter, sprint (in a manner of speaking, all things being relative) a mile. I hurt for a couple days after that, but it felt pretty good. I received new guidelines for the next three years on Tuesday and they all seemed pretty reasonable and the sun started shining yesterday! I put on 5 indoors at sub nine minute miles and 6.3 this morning at a speed a little bit better than yesterday. Maybe 3:30 is still in reach!

Other areas of life are also moving forward well. I spoke to an old friend a couple weekends ago and she really helped me put things in perspective (gave me my very own Stuart Smalley moment (daily affirmation)) and I am building relationships here in my very own Elba. Anyway, all things are moving forward. Let's hope they move forward at approximately 8:30 per mile! Cheers!!!

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